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From the flame-kissed perfection of our culinary creations to the carefully orchestrated ambiance, we invite you to embark on a journey where each bite and every moment become harmonious notes in the Symphony of Taste and Atmosphere. CH

Chef ScottyLove utilizes the essence of food and fire to craft dishes and atmospheres that unite communities. Recognized for his expertise in fire and smoke, he curates exceptional menus featuring slow-smoked brisket, succulent Wagyu steaks, and lively Cajun delicacies like crawfish boils, alongside a myriad of other culinary delights limited only by imagination. With a knack for diversifying menus to suit various tastes, Chef ScottyLove emerges as a beacon of light, infusing meals with purpose and hope for all who cross his path. Through his culinary artistry, he fosters connections, turning dining experiences into moments of joy and camaraderie.

Outdoor Night Event

Scott and his team surpassed expectations. I booked them for my wedding and for the first time in my life, I seen everyone eat all the food and enjoyed every bite. Everyone on both families were impressed and shared their thoughts on food, willingly. I never seen people talk about wedding food for days after either. His service went beyond just food thought and for that I will chose Chef Hangouts with Scotty and his team any time I do anything that needs his services. You don't get this kind of services anymore. Thanks CH !


Eric Sattler  Austin Tx

Scotty came to the rescue, we had a last minute mixup with our hired caterer and with only 3 days till our wedding so we had to act quick! Scotty and his team were able to come through, we even got a sample tasting the night before! You are in good hands with Chef Hangouts, they can serve up some amazing food with extremely short notice too. Everyone loved it!


Chisholm McEacharn Austin Texas

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