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Its all LOVE. (History)

Chef HangOuts, conceived by Chef Scotty Love and one of his greatest, most creative friends, arose as a positive response to the uncertainties of the pandemic, aiming to infuse positivity into challenging times. Beyond providing meals and entertainment for those in need (we all were in need at this point in time), Chef Scotty, along with his 12-year-old apprentice (HangOuts), hosted live sessions featuring musicians and entrepreneurs with his greatest friends. This unique platform seamlessly integrated improvisation, cooking lessons, live music, and shared recipes, attracting 10 of thousands of people over the span of the show. Enhanced by the generous support from many local austin businesses such as Still Austin Whiskey and Local mma giant BlackSheep Boxing and Muiy Thai.

*Embark on our inspiring journey by visiting our Facebook page: Chef HangOuts Videos

Chef Scotty Love brings a wealth of culinary experience to the forefront (long before Chef Hangouts). His background includes managing kitchens and restaurants, catering to festival crews and participants, advising on menus for restaurant owners, serving as a private chef for holistic retreats, contributing to around 200 weddings, and playing a vital role in feeding 4,000 kids monthly through "The Back Pack Friends" charity organization. Recognized and cherished by the city for feeding 24k people during the Austin snowstorm,  Chef Scotty managed to partner with organizations like Runner City Austin to make a positive impact and show that regular people can be SUPERHEROS and band together to make big curagious things happen!

Onward Forward (Making History)







Chef HangOuts is buzzing with excitement upon our grand unveiling of our remarkable "Fire & Smoke" Trailer,  a vision brought to life by the creativity of ScottyLove.

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to join us in savoring and immersing yourself in the extraordinary experience we've meticulously crafted!

For those acquainted with Scotty Love, also known as The Vibe Alchemist, expect nothing short of a spectacular infusion of Music, Art, Dance, and boundless LOVE in every element he introduces. This occasion promises to be no exception!

The "Fire and Smoke" Trailer from Chef HangOuts will serve as the stage for a lineup of Austin's most esteemed chefs, each presenting their own exquisite menus centered around the theme of Fire & Smoke.

From TV shows, events, weddings, to disaster recovery and beyond, and brace yourself for astounding music performances and some of Austins most amazing creative souls each time we stop and serve up our magic!

Chef HangOuts is currently developing the Chef HangOuts 2.0 TV show, immersing viewers in behind-the-scenes collaborations with Texas's distilleries, wineries, and breweries. The show offers an insider's look at everything from "Infusing Spirits into BBQ" to having some of Texas's most incredible artists join us in the kitchen, followed by on-stage collaborations. Picture a fusion of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," where we roll up with food, a stage, and vendors of all sorts, creating an unforgettable experience wherever we go.

*Our heartfelt desire is to have artists such as Gary Clark Jr., Willie Nelson, Ghostland Observatory, and other Texas talents join us for the Cooking and Vibes journey! While nothing is set in stone, we invite you to manifest with us and witness the realization of our dreams of co-creating this extraordinary experience.

Outdoor Night Event

Scott and his team surpassed expectations. I booked them for my wedding and for the first time in my life, I seen everyone eat all the food and enjoyed every bite. Everyone on both families were impressed and shared their thoughts on food, willingly. I never seen people talk about wedding food for days after either. His service went beyond just food thought and for that I will chose Chef Hangouts with Scotty and his team any time I do anything that needs his services. You don't get this kind of services anymore. Thanks CH !


Eric Sattler  Austin Tx

At Your Service

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We are grateful your here and look forward to dreaming up your event with you! Please leave as much detail as you can think of, once we connect we'll help you fill in all the other blanks. Dream BIG!
We'll also help you get as close as we can to your vision!

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Scotty came to the rescue, we had a last minute mixup with our hired caterer and with only 3 days till our wedding so we had to act quick! Scotty and his team were able to come through, we even got a sample tasting the night before! You are in good hands with Chef Hangouts, they can serve up some amazing food with extremely short notice too. Everyone loved it!


Chisholm McEacharn Austin Texas

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