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Event Catering

We're ready to cook up some great memories with you at your next event! Our family-oriented team of chefs and servers are excited about being part of any kind or occasion that involves food.

From Weddings to Corporate functions, festivals and concerts to birthday parties and anniversaries, to whatever kind of event you desire!

We'll make sure the moments are unforgettable and we will leave ALL of your guest talking about the food!

Try us!




  The team at Chef Hang Outs absolutely LOVES catering weddings for the simple fact of what this particular event represents; LOVE! They say in order to be good at what you do you must be PASSIONATE about what it is you do, we are HIGHLY PASSIONATE about this day!

  We will utilize our time together before your wedding discovering family recipes, favorite meals you've shared together, talking about your favorite drinks (if you drink) and upon all that and some budget discovery, we will create you a ONE OF A KIND menu that is to be INFUSED with all the above.  


Corporate Functions

Whether it be an end of the quarter celebration, a holiday or appreciation party, food for lunch, or for a working dinner, we have the "perfect menu" for you!

*Be sure and ask about any other aspects of your party you may need checked of your list; these folks know some amazing vendors and entertainers!

Business Meeting
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Concerts and Festivals

The "show" part of the show is the easy part, setting up for days and sometimes weeks is the hard part and having a reliable and fun caterer is key to getting through these days. Food is energy and in this business ENERGY is crucial due to the crazy hours! From huge EDM shows to Festivals featuring such artist as Cypress Hill, Big Gigantic, Snoop Dogg, Ghostland Observatory, Talib Kwali and The Dirty Wormz, just to name a few!  Whether it be a day show or we set up for weeks, we got you!



We can fire up the pit for the masses or we can have a 5 star, multi coursed sit-down style meal. Whatever your vision is, our goal is to add our own little flare and present something outta this world to you! We can even add a special seasoning that helps people want to donate a little bit more ;)  Just kidding..well kinda lol 

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