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Private Chef

Hiring a private chef is like hanging out with your best friends. You can have them cook whatever kind of food you want, and they'll do the cooking while making sure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish! From just the 4 of you, to the entire family, we can drop off your meals or make them there and be apart of the family for a few. Bbq for close family members and friends, or even large groups if need be. Crawfish boils? No problem- we've got those too!

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes


Weekly Family Dinner

Chef Hang Outs team of chefs are based upon high family morals and a desire to bring JOY! When being invited into such environments as your home, having the right person to mingle with your immediate family is key! We 'll set up a zoom and you can meet them all and then set a meeting to meet with the chosen! 


Family/Friends style Event

Grandpa's 80 birthday, family in town for the weekend, anniversary or birthday party, Family reunion, Super bowl Game? We will co create a menu perfect for any occasion!

*If you need anything else for your event let us know as stated through out this site we thrive on "connecting"

Summer Family Dinner
Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden



Being that unifying is our thing, the conscious communities offer us a platform to teach health and how to cook!  From masculine and feminine retreats, to yoga and ecstatic dance retreats, to corporate outings of all sorts!

*We are connected to many of them, so feel free to ask in regards to how to join a weekend of sort!


Private Couple Dinner w/services included.

Desire a private night with your loved one? What if you had a private chef serve you as if you were in a 5 star restaurant, what if he brought a guitarist and maybe a massage therapist as well? Just something to think on ;)



CrawFish Boils

You'll see this one listed a couple times as Crawfish boils are also a favorite of Chef Hang Outs! We promise to have you talking about these "bugs" for years to come!

Not everyone can handle all the heat so we also come prepared to do two separate batches to ensure everyones desires are met! We can fire up the pit if need be as well for those who don't choose to partake.. whatever it takes!

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